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Anne Lise

The Art of House Leveling

17 Mai 2016, 15:41pm

Publié par Delia Crichton

The Art of House Leveling

House leveling is the process that takes place when the foundation is sinking or being thrown out of kilter by movement in the ground below it. That's when foundation repair Austin TX is needed.

In some locales the earth may be made of materials that cause sinking and shifting, such as clay soils that expand and contract by the content of the moisture in the soil. As the soil shifts underneath the home foundation, the house will sink and will need to be leveled.

House leveling occurs by excavating under the point where the house is sinking, and jacking up the foundation to a level position. The bottom of the jack has to be on bedrock, or soil that is compacted to the degree that it will not sink.

Many times a concrete platform has to be constructed down below the jack in order to support it and the house. Then concrete or metal pilings can be placed under the house as well in order to shore it up.

If you find that windows and doors are not opening and closing properly, check around outside of the house at the foundation level, and see if you find any cracks. If you do, then you should call a foundation company that specializes in shoring up sinking foundations of houses.

Once a house sinks too far, the damage can be so great that there would be no possibility of recovery, and entire structures would have to be rebuilt or the house would have to be abandoned.

The key is to start early, so if you see any of the signs of a sinking foundation, contact someone immediately so that you can have an evaluation completed. This will determine whether or not your house is a candidate for leveling. The sooner the better, as less damage will result if the settling is arrested in its early stages.

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